Membership & Club Rules


Adult players over 18


Full time student/registered unemployed


Family membership£60.00*
Additional junior on Family Membership £20.00**
Social member£20.00

*Family membership 2 non playing adults and a maximum of  2 juniors aged under 18 in same household.
**All juniors under 18 must join as part of a family membership membership package and may not join as individuals. 

**Junior player is defined as any player under the age of 18 and age group relates to their school year.


General Rules

It is not the intention of the Club Committee to get heavy handed about rules and regulations, but we do have them! Mostly they are just sensible guidelines so that everyone can enjoy our beautiful Club, and we would be grateful if Members and their friends could abide by them.  Our landlord is very tolerant of the cricket club, despite not being a huge fan of the sport, and we would respectfully ask that Members take care not to park on his verges or frighten his horses which graze close the the Club.

- Players (adult and junior) are not insured by the Club if their subscriptions are unpaid after 1 May. Any player whose subscription is overdue may not play or train until such time as payment is made in full.

- Smoking is not permitted in the pavilion at any time.  Please use the marked receptacle by the front steps to deposit used cigarettes.

- All members are reminded that wickets should be respected at all times, including on practice evenings. Please consult the Groundsman, Captain or Club Captain if you are unsure which wicket may be used.  

- Children are NOT PERMITTED to play on the prepared wickets or under the covers and parents are asked to ensure they monitor this.

- Our landlord requests that the verges are not used for parking.  There is limited parking at the ground but the field at the bottom may be used.

- Cars are parked at owner's risk. 

- At the request of our neighbours we would ask that parents and guardians do not allow their children to play in the pillbox in the field at the bottom of the ground.

- Well behaved dogs are always welcome but dogs may not be brought into the pavilion whilst food is being served and prepared in order for us to comply with food hygiene rules.

- Dogs must be kept under close control at all times. 

- Please put your litter in the appropriate bins and we would be grateful if glasses could be returned to the bar after use since they represent a great danger to players and members alike if left lying around. 

- It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure that children do not wander into the playing/coaching area and are properly supervised at all times.  Children MUST NOT go behind the clubhouse, climb on the sightscreens or enter the nets area at any time.   Winchcombe CC will not accept responsibility for young children not properly supervised.

- The wearing of helmets in the nets is COMPULSORY AT ALL TIMES for ALL players, junior or senior.  This is non negotiable. 

*The Committee reserves the right to refuse admittance to the ground to those whose behaviour is deemed unacceptable

Rules Relating To Matches/Practice 

- For home matches players must be at the Ground at least 30 minutes prior to the start. 

- For adult away matches, all players are requested to note meeting times, and report promptly. If you intend to travel direct to away games, notify the Captain of the day. 

- If play is doubtful, players are advised to contact the Captain of the day. 

- Any Club Member is permitted to use the nets for practice at any reasonable time of the day on the  condition that the ground is left in good condition and that the gate from the main road is left closed.  Winchcombe Cricket Club will not be held liable for any injury/damage caused whilst using the ground unsupervised.  As above the use of helmets whilst batting is mandatory for all.

- Nets should not be used by members when adult matches are in progress, unless they are playing in that particular match. 

- Match fees to paid to the Captain or Vice Captain prior to the start of play. 

- Visitors who would like to have tea (if there is any left) may do so after both teams have eaten but are required to pay the required amount to either the Captain or the tea lady.

- Entry to the bar area is for committee members/designated people only.